Thursday, 28 February 2013

St Joseph Vinnies Dive Into 2013
   This year, we have begun the year by making paper flower posies for the residents of the Woods Resthome.
   One of the most prevalent forms of poverty that exists in New Zealand today is loneliness. This is alleviated by the teams of Vinnie volunteers from primary and secondary schools as well as Young Adult groups throughout the country that are keen and willing to carry out visitations to the elderly to share stories; nurture relationships; celebrate their lives and learn about their past achievements, joys and sorrows.
   The benefits to both the Elderly and the Vinnies are many…
·         Many elderly members of Rest Homes enjoy sharing their stories and memories with others especially the younger generation;
·         Bringing the Vinnies and the elderly together raises awareness of each other and the problems facing them both;
·         It provides the companionship for the Elderly clients of rest homes that they desperately seek;
·         It empowers Vinnies by celebrating their gifts and their ability to nurture new relationships with elderly friends.

On the 5 March, the St. Joseph Vinnies will be visiting The Woods Rest Home to present the residents with the paper flower posies they made for them. 

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