Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Lemonade Selling a Success!!!
   There’s an old saying which states, “When life hands you lemons, turn it into lemonade” and that’s exactly what the St. Joseph Vinnies got underway in doing on Monday 11 November to raise funds in order to purchase Christmas presents for the mothers of the families that Loaves and Fishes look after. The gifts the Vinnies have in mind is a piece of Above Rubies jewelry for each of the mothers made by single mothers and widows in the Philippines. The paper bead jewelry provides an income for these Filipino women offering them both hope and dignity.
   The middle school syndicate at St. Joseph’s school have also come to the party and through the disco they will be having will be collecting Christmas presents to be distributed to the children in these struggling families as well.

   The first day selling lemonade was a great success – in fact so successful we ran out of lemonade before reaching the end of the line of those cuing for a refreshing drink. We will be once again selling lemonade again next Monday (18 November) so definitely be in quick!  

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