Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Jo Watts Returns to Talk to the Vinnies
   On Monday 9 June, Jo Watts - the local practice nurse who goes over to the Philippines to assist with the Above Rubies Livelihood Project returned to St. Joseph's to talk to the Vinnies about her latest trip over there. While in the Philippines, Jo took a video of the women receiving the cards that we made for them at the end of last year which she was able to show us along with a slideshow of photos showing what the living conditions of the women over there is like.
   As a follow up to Jo's visit on Monday 16 June, the Vinnies had the opportunity of creating their own paper bead bracelet from the paper beads the women had created. The $4 that the girls brought along to do this activity will help the women over in the Philippines.

   Below is a photo of the girls looking at the beautiful paper bead jewelry that the Filipino women make.

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