Monday, 25 August 2014

Sweetening the Deal for the Refugee Community
   In the past couple of weeks the St. Joseph Vinnies have got underway with fundraising to assist the refugee community be able to go to Picton for a guided tour of the Interislander Ferry. Coming up with the idea of selling jelly on a Tuesday lunchtime, they have set to work jelly making on a Monday in preparation for the following day. In the first week, the jelly proved popular selling out before the Vinnies even got to the end of the line of hungry customers. Selling the jelly at 50c each, the Vinnies made a total of $30. In the second week, we upped the amount of jelly made with the fridge bulging at the seams with the huge amount. The Vinnies decided that selling the jelly for $1 was more cost effective and advertised the jelly to only half the school. A total of $50 was made with a few jellies left over to be sold on Wednesday. For the Vinnies, this has been a great learning experience not only in putting their faith into action but also learning about running a fundraiser and the best ways of going about this. Well done Vinnies in making a positive difference in the community!

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