Thursday, 10 September 2015

Cards of Encouragement for Filipino Women
   After having the opportunity of working with Jo Watts over the past couple of years first of all through purchasing paper beads created by the Filipino women of the Above Rubies Livelihood Project as Christmas gifts for the women attending the Loaves and Fishes Christmas Dinner and then last year being able to create our own bracelets from the paper beads these Filipino women make, we were honoured when Jo Watts who now lives full time over in the Philippines helping Filipino women asked if we would be happy to keep in touch and send cards of encouragement over to these women. Since Jo moved to the Philippines only a few months ago - she has already experienced two typhoons as well as a number of power cuts. Jo and her husband Geoff have also set up a "family home" where women needing a place to stay can come to. Below are the cards the St. Joseph Vinnies created to send over to Jo along with little gifts of encouragement verses we hope the women will be able to select from to provide them with hope and support.

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