Wednesday, 30 March 2016

St. Joseph Vinnies create pencils and notebooks for Tedz4Kidz Organisation
   Term One has got off to a busy start for the St. Joseph Vinnies who have been creating notebooks and pencils for the Tedz4Kidz Organisation - an organisation that makes up care parcels for children who have come out of situations of trauma. We have been really fortunate to have Greta Tapper come to teach the St. Joseph Vinnies how to make the notebooks.  We look forward to presenting these to a member of Tedz4Kidz on the 11 April along with other needed items for their care parcels contributed by members of the Vinnies team.

   In the photos below we see Greta teaching the Vinnies how to thread their notebooks as well as a selection of the items that will go into the basket of goodies we will be presenting.

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