Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Fair Trade Drinking Chocolate Fundraiser for Children in Malawi
   On Wednesday 29 June, the St. Jo's Vinnies ran a fundraiser to help assist the community over in Malawi that past-Vinnie, Rebecca Nott served during her missionary trip last year. Rebecca who came to speak to the St. Jo's Vinnies at the end of Term 1 was able to offer us a number of different ways that we could be of support in helping to continue the good work she had begun. One of the ways the Vinnies have decided to help is raising money that will be of use in purchasing needed resources for the educational facilities in Malawi that Rebecca helped out at. The St. Jo's Vinnies used Fair Trade drinking chocolate to create hot drinks for approximately 200 students at St. Joseph's. From this $206 was raised which will be presented to Rebecca at the beginning of Term 3 for the purchasing of resources.

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