Saturday, 10 December 2016

Members of the Nelson Blind Foundation visit St. Joseph Vinnies to be Presented with Tactile Book

   On Wednesday 7 December, three members of the Nelson Blind Foundation braved the very wet weather to come to St. Joseph's School to share with the Vinnies their experience of being blind and to be presented with the tactile book. Chrissy was able to share positive feedback in regard to how well the previous tactile books that have been created by Vinnies groups have been received by the community. Amanda brought her guide dog Clover along to visit, Clover a well-behaved and very friendly dog captured all our hearts with his placid nature. Both Kaye and Amanda were able to share with us as to the useful way of handling both money and cards when out shopping. We learned that the five on ATM machines always have a dot that can be felt which can help navigate the key pad - something we'll have to check out for ourselves next time we're out shopping.   

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